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From the submission videos, only 8 female and 8 male athletes are invited to compete for the coveted title of the Overall Pole Classic Champion 2019. This event takes place Friday August 23rd inside the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The 1st place female will also move on to compete in the Pole Championship Series in March at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio. This event is included in the Expo Pass. 

A maximum of 50 points are awarded in the artistic section. This section is to judge the athlete’s artistic presentation and interpretation. This is the way in which the athlete presents his or herself to the judges and captivates them in their performance. The judges will assess the athlete’s ability to convey emotion and expression through movement. They should be confident, engaging, and entertaining, in each element of their performance. The costume, music, and performance should be reflective of each other. The athlete should create an original performance and display a unique style making sure to use both the spinning and static pole equally. The overall performance should flow seamlessly and effortlessly ensuring that highs and lows (shades) are demonstrated. This section is broken down into the following areas: The following points are taken in to consideration when scoring:

  • Originality of the overall performance.

  • Presentation of the overall performance.

  • Confidence of the athlete.

  • Interpretation of the music reflected in the costume, chorography, and performance.

  • Character and stage persona.

Stage Presentation

A maximum of 30 points are awarded in the stage presentation section. This section is to judge the athletes stage performance, this can be defined by all moves perform around the pole and stage area or stage surface, but not in contact with the pole. The judges will assess the athlete’s ability to perform dance and or gymnastic chorography that are performed with imagination, flow, and flair. The following points taken in to consideration when scoring:

  • Movement and dance performance

  • Flow

  • Floor Work

  • Use of stage

  • Balanced Chorography

Technical Presentation

A maximum of 20 points are awarded in the Technical section. This section is to judge pole tricks, the combination of pole tricks, level of difficulty, the execution, and the transitions in and out of the pole tricks. The judges will look for tricks performed with ease and grace. The following points are taken into consideration when scoring:

  • The execution of a trick or a combination of tricks.

  • The level of difficulty of tricks and combinations.

  • The quality execution, control, stamina, strength, and flexibility of a trick.

  • Demonstration of flexibility, dead lifting strength, clean lines, and foot and toe point.


All PC judges must have worked as an instructor or pole athlete for a minimum of three years. Judges must declare any personal or business relationship with any athletes and remain impartial. Judges must be over the age of 21. Judges must dress formal and be presentable at all times and not be under the influence of any substance including alcohol for at least eight hours before event.


Allocation of Scores:
The Athlete(s) with the score closet to the highest possible score is the overall winner. The female with the highest possible score is the female winner. The male with the highest possible score is the male winner. Single points and half points can be given. Points can be deducted for a fall or a costume malfunction.

  • Artistic Presentation – Maximum of 50 Points

  • Technical Presentation – Maximum of 25 Points

  • Stage Presentation – Maximum of 25 Points

All scores will be collated and tallied after all competitors have performed. Once judging has finished, no scores or discussions can be made to alter the results.
Judges must allocate a higher number of points for those athletes with a higher skill level. Judges must not discuss judging or results with athlete.
The six (6) judges will be as follows: Two (2) judges judging technical, two (2) judges judging artistic, and two (2) judges judging stage performance.
Two (2) Technical Collator – Collecting score sheets, and adding scores.

-       Jamilla Deville USA/Australia
-       Greta Pontarelli, USA/ Italy
-       Mary Ellyn Weissman, USA
-       Summer Vyne, USA
-       Suwasit, USA/ Thailand
-       Zoraya Judd, USA

Score Tabulator:  Jim Weissman - USA


The athletes are competing for the title of Pole Classic Champion and Pole Classic Overall Champion. The first place female and male receive $1000. The 1st place female also wins a spot to compete in the Pole Championship Series. The overall champion and the top three winners from each category will receive a trophy or metal, and will forever be featured in the Pole Classic Winners Circle. All other athletes will receive a participation trophy or metal, and everyone will earn their spot in the Pole Classic Hall of Fame. Additional prizes may be awarded during the awards ceremony.