The core of Pole Expo's heart beats strong with our industries leading innovative companies within our Expo arena. Embrace your pole family and bring home the gifts of our trade; only from the exhibitors at Pole Expo!

*Starred* exhibitors are legends. They have been a Pole Expo vendor for four consecutive years.


Aerial Origins Booth 302

Aradia Fitness Booth 308

Balini Sports Booth 200,301

Bendy Kate

Body & Pole Booth 315

Booty Candy Polewear Booth 306

Café de le Danse Booth 313

Christopher Donald Photography Registration Hall

Cleo the Hurricane * Booth 509,510

Coko Vegas

Denver Circus Supply Booth 403

Dewpoint Booth 304

Dragonfly Booth 211,213

elevatED Booth 317

Fab Pole Booth 501

Flow Movement Booth 203

GALE Polewear Booth 206

Glitter Heels Booth 508

Glory LA* Booth 100

Grata Designs Booth 503

Gravity Studio - On My Way Booth 205

Home Pole Studios Booth 214,216

I'm a Pole Dancer/Live for Pole Booth 214,216

Kup My Kakez Booth 204

LaceyCat Booth 208

Liquid Motion* Booth 210

Lupit Pole Booth 112,114,116

Mademoiselle Spin Booth 217

Mia Brazilia Booth 504

Mighty Grip *Booth 105,107,109,111

Minka Rozman Booth 108,110

Paradise Chick Booth 215

Permanent Makeup by Nancy Booth 207

PERSU Collection Booth 202

POLE: A Movement Documentary Floating

Pole Dance Academy Booth 209

Pole Expo Store Registration Hall

Pole Mamas Booth 104,106

Pole Sport Organization *Booth 506

PoleActive Booth 300

PoleBuddy Booth 401

Push and Pole Booth 212

Rad Pole Wear Booth 318

Rarr Designs Booth 303

Red Shoes *Booth 320,421

Stunt Grip Booth 201

United Pole Artists Floating

VEKKER Booth 502

Vertical Joe's Booth 102

Wink Designs* Booth 507

X-Pole* Booth 118,120,219,221

Zoraya Judd* Booth 505