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What is your pole weakness, and how do you compensate for it?

My main pole weakness is my inability to dance. Chances are, in group choreography, I'm the one in the back going the complete opposite direction! My proprioception on the pole is great - give me a move and eventually my body can figure it out on its own. Give me traditional dance choreography however, and I get so overloaded with the logistics of where my arms, legs and head go, that my brain basically short-circuits.

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What made you want to pursue pole fitness?

I got into pole fitness when I lived in Los Angeles and trained at Bespun. My best friend dared me to take a pole dance class. I was really shy and not sure how it would be. But, after my first class, I instantly fell in love.  

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How often do you train on the pole regularly verses when preparing for a competition or showcase?

Showcase practice: I feel a little more relax regarding the showcase preparation. I train daily on conditioning, new skills, contortion and dance, taking least a day off per week to help with injury prevention.

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