Zoraya Judd

Zoraya Judd a Mother, Wife, Performer, Instructor and Competitor.

Zoraya has been traveling, on a regular basis, teaching pole studios around the world. Zoraya has participated in many international competitions and has been awarded many titles. She has guest judged and performed at large pole functions and competitions, performed with and for numerous well known actors, musicians, festivals, large corporate private events and has been featured in many magazines, news papers, fox sports, and movies. 

Zoraya's goal is to continue to show people the art and fitness side of aerial pole.  She absolutely loves everything that has to do with pole. But, for her it is the strength, control and flexibility that she finds so beautiful and intriguing.

Make sure you ask Zoraya for the details on her "Next Level Training" packages. These packages help you advance 1-2 levels in 2-4 days. ZorayaJudd@gmail.com