Kenneth Kao

Dr. Ken is the 2014 Men’s Pro US National Pole Championship Silver Medalist, 2014 Pacific Men’s Pro Champion, recipient of the 2013 Pole Expo Pole Classic second-place and People’s Choice Award, 5th place finalist in the 2014 World Pole Cup in Brazil, amongst UPA’s 2013 Top 20 Poler's Choice Awards, and nominee for "Most Inspiring Performer" by the 2014 PWN Awards. He is best known for be

He is a Master Instructor at Vertical Fusion, located in Boulder, Colorado, graduate and editor of the elevatED pole and flexibility instructor course, AMP Parkour Coaching Certified instructor at APEX Movement Parkour Gym. He runs the online pole tutorial series, "Doctor Ken's Pole Ninja Tutorials" on YouTube, and has appeared twice in Ninja Warrior, interviewed with several news segments both nationally and internationally due to his unique perspective as both a Chiropractor and athlete.

As a Chiropractor, he is the owner and doctor of Vital Balance Chiropractic, LLC, where he spe- cializes in athletes and trauma. Considered Parkour's Official Chiropractor by Mark Toorock of American Parkour, Ken has worked with several famous traceurs such as Brian Orosco and Levi Meeuwenberg, and he is frequently invited to speak around the country. He is APEX Movement's Pro-Team Doctor.

Ken's diverse background gives him specific and unique perspectives when teaching pole, and he believes that with the right progressions, anything the mind can imagine, the body can do.