What is your favorite healthy food and cheat food?

Fawnia Mondey

Fawnia Mondey

If I have a competition in front I have a very strict diet,

I want to become very slim and light. So eat a lot of fruits, vegetables without salt and oil, some chicken for muscles. I eat 5/6 times a day and small portions. 

But when I don't have a competition I eat almost everything. Not every day of course, but I love pasta, risotto , sweets, cafe latte. 

- Anastasia Skukhtorova

My favorite healthy food is carrot juice, while my favorite indulgence is butter!

- David C Owen

Funny you ask this because I was just talking about this with a student. My favorite healthy food is actually a restaurant that is local to where I live. It is called CR Chicks and all the meals are based off rotisserie chicken that they cook in their front window.  I always get a quarter chicken dark with carrots sautéed in orange juice and green beans. I must eat there three times a week and I have ate their food since I was a small child. Oh goodness.... My cheat is gummy bears or really anything sweet. I usually gain ten pounds when I'm not training for comp because of all the candy I eat. I have a Mega sweet tooth!

- Derick Pierson

In healthy food i prefer fruits and nuts. Pineapple, melon, peach, cashew, walnut and etc. The list can be looong.. =)

In cheat food it is cakes and sweets!!!"

- Evgeny Greshilov

When I am training for an event I will eat clean carbs, proteins and fats. Foods such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice (complex carbs), spinach, broccoli, green beans etc (fibrous carbs), eggs, chicken, fish (proteins) and avocadoes, cashews, almonds, walnuts, flax oil, Udo’s oil (fats). Actually who am I kidding, I eat like this all the time out of habit, but when I need a treat, I will have a couple pieces of dark chocolate, or go crazy once a year with a fudge brownie dairy queen blizzard.

- Fawnia Mondey

My favorite healthy food is avocado. Add a little lemon and sea salt: Yum!

My favorite cheat food is chocolate, but I love it so much I just don't keep it around - so I rarely eat it.

- Jamilla Deville

HEALTHY: Anything with Kale! <3

CHEAT: Anything with Cheese!! :P

- Karol Helms

My favorite healthy food: Fresh fruit smoothies… a special crush also on fresh Brazilian pure Maracuja.

Cheat food: I will go for "Creme Brûlée " (good taste but due to the large amount of eggs and cream used to perfect it …not the healthiest French dessert )...makes me think  it is such a long time I didn't get one.

- Marion Crampe

Healthy: Food is fantastic so I cannot choose one...Nitrate-free spicy sausage from happy pigs who eat like pigs. Coconut anything. Mountains of leafy greens smothered in extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt. Pumpkins and sweet potatoes with grass-fed butter.

Cheat: Real deal no-junk in it cheesecake with berry puree.

- Mario Fisken

Favorite healthy food: kale salad with fresh lemon, olive oil and a light sprinkling of pecorino cheese

Favorite cheat food: Pinkberry frozen yogurt (regular tart) with strawberries, blueberries, and Oreo and cheesecake crumbles

- Natasha Wang

What is my favorite healthy food?...I love food. ALL of it.  But, when I am cleansing my body. I love how I look and feel when I juice fruits and veggies. 
What is my favorite cheat food?... Something chocolate. Preferably 60%-70% dark. 

- Zoraya Judd