What made you want to pursue pole fitness?

Estee Zakar

Estee Zakar

The POLEs Answers:

I love pole because it is so different; unique. You’re having fun and at the same time you really work out. You become more beautiful, sexy, strong and confident. After the class you feel so happy and full of good energy.  In your performance you can show your soul. 
Pole changes lives. 

- Anastasia Skukhtorova

I reluctantly agreed to try some pole dancing as a favor to an acquaintance who was creating a video project.  I became intrigued so when asked if I would collaborate with others on a live performance I agreed.  Following a few weeks of practicing, choreographing, and rehearsing, I became addicted and obsessed.  This resulted in purchasing a pole and installing it in my apartment in downtown El Paso.

- David C. Owen

My best friend Tara got me started in pole when I was 17. There were times when it was hard both physically and mentally. People looked down on me for doing it. One being a male in the field and for the bad rap pole has gotten over the years.

I think a better question is what keeps me going now. I'm not going to lie there have been times when I felt I have wanted to quit pole. I felt stuck in a rut and not evolving. Then something magical happens either I get a new move, create one, or see something I want to try and get hooked all over again. But the thing that keeps me going now is the people I surround myself with. My students are a huge drive for me to do better. Also training with friends at a equal or higher level remotivates me to keep working hard. The goal is to always have a goal that is why I compete nothing pushes me more than a competition. 
- Derick Pierson 

I got into pole fitness when I lived in Los Angeles and trained at Bespun. My best friend dared me to take a pole dance class. I was really shy and not sure how it would be. But, after my first class, I instantly fell in love.  

I have always loved sports and fitness and loved trying new forms of exercise, but I never dreamed that pole fitness could be what it is today. An empowering form of art and fitness, the gracefulness of dance, the power of gymnastics and the friendship and family the community has created.
- Estee Zakar

I started to do Pole just to have possibility to be closer to Anastasia and do the same that she does. Little bit later I fell in love with pole dancing and never regret about my choice.

So at this moment I’m definitely enjoying what I'm doing especially because I’m sharing this passion with my soul mate.

- Evgeny Greshilov

My first time pole dancing was live on stage in an amateur contest, as a stripper. I admired the dancers and thought they were so beautiful. I wanted to be just like them, and yes I needed to make money too. Within the first four months I lost 38 pounds, and was having the best time creating new tricks, designing theme costumes, mixing my music, and yes teaching others. I pursed pole fitness because it’s fun to perform, beautiful to watch, exciting to teach, and always a challenge. Pole Fitness is my religion.

- Fawnia Dietrich

I came to pole fitness after pursuing different forms of dance with a twist, from African dance to yoga, acrobatics and aerials including trapeze, corde lisse and silks. I finally came to the pole and it has become my main love, firstly for the fact that it was so far left of centre, and then for its physical and mental challenges and medium for expression. There is no one way with pole, and that is what gives it its life.
- Jamilla Deville

The feeling of accomplishment and strength I felt when tackling new moves made me want to pursue pole fitness!! (And seeing the handspring for the first time in Fawnia’s Pole Work DVD! I thought I would never get to that point, and a year later, I finally DID it!!)

- Karol Helms

Pole dance is more than a sport. It is, for many of us, a lifestyle. 

I feel blessed to have the chance to do and share my passion every single day. I ask myself sometimes why…why I keep going?! 

Because I love, over so many things:

- Training, discovering new ways to improve my skills, to move my body and to understand it better and find new material and techniques to share with my students. 

- Being part of a passionate and strong community, where you can find more than just tricks, you can find support, love and more.

No matter the future, Pole Dance has changed my life for me and many people…forever.

Keep Poling 

Avec Passion 

- Marion Crampe

A friend of mine dragged me to a class at S Factor about 10 years ago after seeing Sheila Kelley on Oprah. I was 29 and wasn't exactly living the most healthy lifestyle. I felt that any physical activity after years of being sedentary could only do me good! I didn't fall in love with the movement at first -- I wasn't entirely comfortable with my body and didn't have a background in fitness, gymnastics or dance, so I felt I was at a disadvantage. But I stuck through the bruises and 10 years later, that once-secret hobby of mine is now a full-fledged career and love affair :) 

- Natasha Wang

I tried a few classes and saw tons of unexplored potential. I wanted to find my own unique style.
- Marlo Fisken

Pursuing Pole Fitness was the result of falling in love with my sexual side of dance.  After overcoming basic inversions I had the burning desire to accomplish more physically.  In pursuit of submitting and competing in Pole Fitness Competitions it was a no brainer that I had to step it up in the fitness department and start working on my strength.  I have Nerijus at Train P3 to thank for educating me on how to workout, eat and all and all create a healthy lifestyle so that my energy felt good and strong.  

- Steven Retchless

The difficulty. 
I was terrible when I first discovered pole. 
I was the only girl in an all boy class and the men were AMAZING! 
I was determined to be as graceful and strong as the men. 
I believe if a man can do it, so can a woman. 
I just needed to figure out how. 
- Zoraya Judd